Best Accommodation in Agadir


 Riads, hotels, guest houses and luxury camps:

Okay! You plan to visit Morocco but you’re confused and fell lost to book your accommodations? looking for the best accommodations in Morocco? Heading to Marrakech? Fes or the Sahara desert? What is the right place to book? A Hotel or a Riad and what even Riad means? A guesthouse or a tent? No more confusion! In this article we will give you the best tips and explanations to know where to stay while you travel to Morocco.

Agadir Riads:

To live a real authentic experience in Morocco, first, we advise you to stay in a riad rather than a hotel. Hotels in Morocco are similar to hotels around the world depending on the category you choose. So, what is a riad? Riad is a guesthouse, it used to be a house for the wealthier of society. However, now, most of riads are turned into guest houses for tourists. What to predict before you enter a riad ? are riads the best accommodations in Morocco?  It’s a traditional guest house with a garden inside, many riads have a small fountain in the center of the courtyard with an open ceiling. Most of them have a swimming pool to use on the rooftop or in the courtyard. All the details are beautifully made, the spectacular engraving on the walls, small and big plants, flowers, birds chirping and tweeting. It gives to its visitors a feeling of quietness and serenity. Most of riad are located in the old cities. Let’s take for example Marrakech, you find its riads in the Medina. However, the new town is the modern part of Marrakech and it is more about hotels, luxurious hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and much more. Riads exist in Medinas, as we know Medinas are crowded by many fascinating things, local shops, local houses, Hamams, souks, and here where the magic happens once you enter the riad you can’t hear the sound of the vibrant life that exists outside. Therefore riad is the best place you can book in a big city like Marrakech. The hospitality is beyond incredible, none of this will be experienced in modern hotels !

Riads are all over Morocco, you can find them in Marrakech, Essaouira, Rabat, Ouarzazate, Meknes, Fes, Chefchaouen, Tanger…

Guest houses in Agadir :

There is nothing better than to stay in a cozy Moroccan guest house while you’re visiting a Berber village. Most guest houses are run by local people. They are extremely friendly and welcome everyone that visits their village. They are always ready and happy to share their culture and lifestyle with visitors and never ask for anything in return. These guest houses are located in the middle of nature, in mountains, next to rivers in a scenic view. Moroccan guest houses are unique by their simplicity. These houses celebrate their culture and traditions. The carpets that decorate the rooms are woven and handmade by local Amazigh women and the delicious food they serve is local and freshly cooked in the wood-fire clay oven. It’s a tradition that they never give up on. Staying in a local guest house in Atlas mountains will make you feel the true spirit of Berber life.

Tents/Camps in Morocco Sahara Desert:

Most of us who live in a city have dreamed to experience the nomad lifestyle. If you have a short time visiting Marrakech and want to go to the desert, you can have a glance of this lifestyle by visiting Agafay desert, which is less than 45 minutes driving from Marrakech. You can stay in one of the best accommodations in Morocco and luxurious camps and enjoy a camel ride while you’re watching the sunset. Luxurious camps are isolated and situated within the sand dunes, inside they are well equipped as a hotel, private bathrooms, individual private luxurious tents. The only common areas are the fireplace and restaurant unless you are asking for a private dinner in the middle of the dunes under stars. However, for a complete and unforgettable experience we highly recommend visiting Merzouga and Chegaga desert. It requires more time therefore be sure you have plenty of days to spend in south Morocco.

Aliya of of the best accommodations in Morocco

Guest houses, Riads, camps and apartments such as Aliya luxury apartment are the best options under such circumstances. We all want to travel, but safely. While the pandemic is still going on the Moroccan government is still proactive to ensure health safety measurements are in a place.

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